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The following is a small collection of audio clips of spontaneous Cantonese speech containing wh-placeholders. Many of them are taken from programs on and OurRadio.

Wh-placeholder expressions

Key: VLC = vulgar language circumlocution; MOM = Momentary lexical retrieval problem; ADQ = Avoid direct quotation

You need a browser that supports HTML5 to play the audio clips in the table below. They include Chrome 4+, Firefox 3.6+, Opera 10.5+ and Safari4+.

  Utterance Wh-word Reason Sound Clip
1 香港嘅廠商就覺得麻煩,就杯葛嘅。 'what' VLC
2 咁就係話邊個啲股份呢就可以賣畀人嘅,但係呢個冇意思。
因爲即係賣咗 er er 其實因爲一定要dilute咗阿邊個啲股份先至得嘅。啫係呢一個 啊 啊 啊 阿蔡衍明。
'who' MOM
3 最典型杜拜嗰個,杜拜嗰個咩咩咩咩咩 'what' MOM
4 佢舉咗個例。譬如 er 嗰啲馮光會唔會有好多人想deoi2佢呢? 'what' ADQ
5 因爲得罪咗阿邊個又死得快啲。 'who' ADQ*
6 我真係得閒上去睇啦。 'what' VLC
7 然之後入去一間乜乜千嘅拉麵。 'what' VLC

Other types of metalinguistic (non-wh) placeholder expressions

  Utterance Reason Sound Clip
1 超過七點零就唔 X 交差正常。 VLC

Last Updated: 2010/10/20