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Last Updated: 2016/06/15

Courses Taught

I regularly teach the following courses at CUHK.

I was a TA for the following courses at UCLA.

Students Supervised

PhD Students

  1. 8/2014—now LAU, Cindy Wan-Yee (Thesis: Leftward Association with Focus: Evidence from Cantonese) [in progress]

MPhil Students


  1. 9/2015 LAI, Jackie (Thesis: The Structure of the Comparative in Cantonese: A Light Verb Approach)
  2. 5/2016 CHEN, Yiyuan (Thesis: Dislocation Copying Construction in Chinese)


  1. 8/2013—now WONG, Oscar (Thesis: Cantonese wh-doublets) [in progress]
  2. 8/2014—now ZHANG, Longtu (Thesis: The Processing of Headedness: A Study on Coordination Structures) [in progress]
  3. 8/2015—now LAM, Margaret (Thesis: Mirativity in Cantonese) [in progress]

MA Students

  1. 1/2011—7/2011 KUNG, Wan-Ki Kiki (Thesis: The Modal of Obligation and Necessity “Must” in Hong Kong English)
  2. 1/2012—7/2012 SHAO, Hui (Thesis: First Language Attrition of Chinese Reflexives)
  3. 1/2012—7/2012 SZETO, Pui-Yiu (Thesis: A Comparative Study on the Use of Qishi in Hong Kong Chinese, Mainland Chinese, and Taiwanese Chinese)
  4. 1/2013—7/2013 CUI, Qi (Thesis: Quantifier Scope Interpretation in Embedded Clauses)
  5. 1/2013—7/2013 GAO, Zhe (Thesis: 淺析江蘇豐縣方言中兒化與“子”尾的互換現象)
  6. 1/2014—7/2014 LAM, Kin-Wah Raizen (Thesis: The meaning of Cantonese verbal particle faan (翻))
  7. 1/2015—7/2015 LAM, Wai-On Sam (Thesis: An Elliptical Account of Cantonese Right Dislocation)
  8. 1/2015—7/2015 KWAN, Man-Ho Edmond (Thesis: A preliminary study on the interpretation of mathematical discourse)

Undergraduate Students

  1. 1/2013—5/2013 LAU, Cindy (Thesis: Semantics of Cantonese Sentence Final Particle “lu3”) [completed]
  2. 1/2014—5/2014 LAM, Margaret (Thesis: Scalar Mat-construction in Cantonese) [completed]
  3. 9/2014—5/2015 WONG, Hoi-Yi Kay (Thesis: Contact-induced Language Change in Hong Kong Written Chinese: A Case of ba- and jiang-constructions) [completed]
  4. 6/2015—5/2016 KONG, Cheuk-Shan Charlotte (Thesis: Syntactic Operation and Focalisation in Dislocation Focus Construction) [completed]
  5. 6/2015—5/2016 KWOK, Yee-Lam (Thesis: A Syntactic Analysis of Cantonese Sentence-Final Particles and Code-mixing in English) [completed]