We are still working out reschedule dates for an in-person conference (if possible),  which are likely to be later next year. We thank you for the patience.


We are pleased to announce that the 2nd conference of AMLaP Asia will take place in Macao, China, April 24-26th, 2020.

Symposium:Psycholinguistics of translation and interpreting (organized by Yanping Dong)

Pre-conference workshop (April 23rd):
Practical introduction to mixed effects modelling (organized by Dale Barr)

AMLaP Asia was created as the Asian venue for presenting and discussing research on cognitive, neuroscientific and computational mechanisms implicated in human language processing and learning. The first AMLaP Asia conference was successfully held in 2018 at University of Hyderabad, Telangana, India.

We welcome submissions of empirical findings on various aspects of language. Topics in past AMLaP or AMLaP Asia conferences have included (but are not limited to): speech recognition and production, word recognition and production, sentence comprehension and production, discourse comprehension, dialogue, language disorder, language learning, bilingualism, language and the brain, language and cognition. Methodologies used in past presentations include (but are not limited to): reaction times, categorical judgement, verbal responses, eye movement, computational modelling, EEG, fMRI, PET, fNIRS, tDCS, data mining, corpus studies.

For inquiries, please email: amlap.asia@cuhk.edu.hk

Key dates
  • Abstract submissions: Open Sept 1st - Dec 20th
  • Feb 1st: Invitation letters
  • Early registration: till March 30th
  • Late registration: from March 30th
Dale Barr
University of Glasgow, UK

Holly Branigan
University of Edinburgh, UK

Franklin Chang
Kobe City Univers ity of Foreign Studies, Japan

Ping Li
Pennsylvania State University, USA

Catherine McBride
The Chinese University of Hong Kong, China

Xiaolin Zhou
Peking University, China


The conference is going to be held in Macao, with the specific venue to be announced later.

For visa requirement to Macao, please refer to the following link.


In particular, for Chinese nationals coming from abroad:

For those who are travelling to a third country or region (e.g., the nearby city Zhuhai), they can alternatively use their Chinese passports, Chinese Travel Documents or Travel Permits to and from Taiwan for Mainland Residents for a maximum stay of 7 days.

We will announce more information on hotel booking once we have determined the specific venue.

Submission (Sept 1st - Nov 30th)
Please click HERE to submit your abstract

Conference registration fees

Early bird (until Mar 30th) Late (until April 17th)
Non-students Students Non-students Students
HK$ 2000
(Approx USD: 260)
HK$ 1000
(Approx USD: 130)
HK$ 2800
(Approx USD: 364)
HK$ 1800
 (Approx USD: 234)

The LME workshop is FREE on a first-come-first-served basis for REGISTERED conference attendees. You will need to first register for the conference before you can sign up for the workshop.

To come later.

Specific venue in Macao to be announced later.

The psycholinguistics of translation and interpreting
Organised by Yanping Dong (Zhejiang University, China)
This symposium aims to bring together psycholinguistic endeavours to unravel the cognitive mechanisms and processes underlying translation and interpreting. Contributions to this symposium will be selected from submissions to the conference.

Workshop on linear/logit mixed effects models
Organised by Dale Barr (University of Glasgow, UK)
This one-day workshop is intended as a practical introduction to conference attendees who wish to use linear/logit mixed effects models in their research. Attendees to the workshop should bring their own laptop and install R beforehand. Ideally, they should also have some basic knowledge of R.

Zhenguang G. Cai (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Heeju Hwang (University of Hong Kong)

Advising committee
Matthew Crocker (Saaland University)

Martin Pickering (University of Edinburgh)

Chuang Wang (University of Macao)

Patrick Wong (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Virginia Yip (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Organizing committee
Zhenguang Cai (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Heeju Hwang (University of Hong Kong)

Shulin Yu (University of Macao)

Chin Lung Yang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)


The conference is organised by

and is sponsored by the following institutions:

Contact: Please send your inquiries to amlap.asia@cuhk.edu.hk