Selected MA projects

Donald White
Speech rhythm development of a balanced Cantonese-English bilingual child
(won the LSHK Outstanding MA Thesis Award in 2009)
Virginia Chung
Production and perception of Cantonese tones by non-Chinese speaking students in Hong Kong
Jason Chan
Lexical stress patterns in Hong Kong English
Guo Li
Interlanguage Speech Intelligibility Benefit for English-Mandarin bilinguals
Chen Xi
Lexical stress and musical accent in English songs
Chen Shuwen
(2014) Emotion words in the bilingual lexicon
(won the LSHK Outstanding MA Thesis Award in 2014)
Ren Xinran
A study on Mandarin L2 learners acquiring Korean obstruents in different contexts
Wong Yee Ping
(2015) Difference in comprehensibility of spontaenous and read speech of Japanese
Li Xiaolin
Perception of allophones of moral nasal /N/ by native and non-native speakers
Luo Jingxin
A study on the perception of Cantonese vowel length contrasts by Mandarin speakers
Wu Dazhen
Zhang Weijun
An experimental study on contemporary tone system in Wenzhou Wu
Che Jieqiong
Creaky voice in Tiantai dialect
Zhao Mingwei
The phonological activation and representation in Mandarin Chinese visual word recognition
Xiong Yixuan
Lexical frequency and the entering tone merging in the Nanchang dialect
Zhu Zhiqiang
The production of Chinese /r/ sounds by advanced L1 Japanese learners of Chinese and Japanese-Chinese simultaneous bilinguals
Xu Wenwei
On the voicing contrast and phonation types in Kunshan Wu
Niu Yufei
 The effect of L2 proficiency on pitch and phonation sensitivity in naïve tone perception —
A study of Wenzhou dialect tone perception by English learners of Mandarin
Meng Ziyan
(2021) Phonological Encoding in Mandarin-English Bilingual Coactivation: Proximate Units and Lexical Tone Matter
Shu Tong
(2021) The Perception and Production of Mandarin Neutral Tone by L2 Learners with L1-Japanese and L1-Korean
Yan Jing
(2021) An analysis of palatalization in Trinidadian English Creole
Lin Haoyu
Liu Xinyue
An Analysis of the Medial [i] in the Jin Dialect Spoken in the Donghe District of Baotou
Shen Chenyuan
Acoustic Characteristics of Mandarin-English Bilingual Speakers’ L3-Korean Syllable-final /l/: the Role of L1, L2, and L3 Proficiency

BA projects

Holly Fung          
Realization of narrow focus in declaratives in Hong Kong English (HKE)
Kelly Kwong
Effect of short term auditory training on English sentence stress production of Cantonese EFL Learners
Roderick Lee
English intonation perception of Hong Kong English speakers: Tone selection for sentence types
Twinkle Sze
Phonological recognition of Sino-Korean words by native Cantonese speakers  
Mandy Cheung
The role of orthography and phonology in Chinese written word recognition
Crystal Lee
Adaptation of non-native English accents by L2 listeners
Casper Hui
Revisiting sarcasm in Cantonese
Chloe Chiang
The effect of colour on non-native phoneme perception
Benny Lam
The development of pitch range in Cantonese-speaking children
Gordon Lo
Perception of English word boundaries by native Cantonese junior secondary ESL learners
Joan Wong
Effects of orthographic inputs on L3 learners' memory for phonological forms
Jeannie Zoe Kuo
Perceptual assimilation of Korean sibilants by tonal language speakers
Adrian Lau
Sound symbolism: The relationship between size, shape and curvature and the perception of consonants vowels in Cantonese and Mandarin
Yuen Hin Sing
Perceptual similarity of German voiceless fricatives by Cantonese L1 and Mandarin L1 speakers
Emma Tam
The production of English and Cantonese emotional prosody in L1 Cantonese L2 English learners
Lee Wing Ting
Manifestation of adjacent identical tones in Mandarin by native and L2 Mandarin speakers
Jenny Cheong
The relative importance of suprasegmental features to the perception of Hong-Kong-accented English
Dorcas Kan
The features of Cantonese infant-directed Speech: Variations related to infant age and gender of parent
Hei Fung
Realization of sarcasm by Cantonese-English bilinguals
Jason Tai
The acquisition of French rhoticity by Cantonese-Mandarin-English trilingual speakers
Maleah Do
An investigation into the phenomenon of Cantonese observed in international school students in Hong Kong
Cheung Sheung Yu
The Perception and Production of Mandarin Neutral Tone by Japanese Native Speakers
Leung Tsz Yan
Tone Change in Hong Kong Cantonese by the Younger Generation
Tang Xuzhen Jane
The effects of visual cues on the perception of Hong Kong English and US English accents: From a raciolinguistic lens
Yim Ching Hei
The diachronic phonological evolution of Taishanese: From 1883 to 2020

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