Asian SignBank

The Asian SignBank is one of the research outputs of the Nippon Foundation funded project “Practical Dictionaries for Asian-Pacific Sign Languages (2003-2008)” and “Asia Pacific Sign Linguistics Research and Training Program (2006-2012)”. The Asian SignBank documents sign language data contributed by researchers from the Asian countries participating in the research and training program. This prototype was developed by the joint research efforts of the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages and the Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management at CUHK. The research team is currently focusing on data input and compiling computing procedures to generate sign language dictionaries based on the data archived. The Asian SignBank is constructed with Sign Linguistics as a philosophical foundation. The main purpose is to facilitate componential analysis of sign entries. The applications include facilitating sign language learning and sign language documentation.

Research reports/papers based on the corpus(titles and/or links):

Corpus Development

Tang, Gladys and Cheng Ka Yiu. 2005. The Nippon Foundation Asian SignBank. An International Symposium – Instructional Technology and Education of the Deaf, National Technical Institute for the Deaf, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York, USA, 27-30 June 2005.


Mak, Joe and Gladys Tang. 2008. Movement – Simultaneity And Dynamicity In The Phonological System Of Hong Kong Sign Language. The First SignTyp Conference, University of Connecticut, Storrs, USA, 26-28 June 2008.